Engebei Tourist Area

Updated: 2018-01-12 Print

Engebei Tourist Area is a world-famous ecological demonstration site in the middle of the Kubuqi Desert in Dalad Banner, Ordos, in Inner Mongolia autonomous region. The Mongolian word engebei means “safety and auspiciousness”. 

The area, once deserted, is now a 20,000-hectare national tourist site. Every year, many visitors from home and abroad visit the area to plant trees, gradually pushing the number of trees within the area past 1 million.

With five functional sections and over 20 tourist spots, the internationally recognized tourist resort combines desert travel, aquatic entertainment and scientific research.

A river winding 3.5 kilometers to meet the desert hinterland provides tourists with the opportunity to sightsee from aboard a yacht.

The Engebei Tourist Area was designated as a 4A-level scenic site in 2005.