Preferential policies for seniors in Ordos revealed

Updated: 2018-01-03 Print

An Ordos media organization recently highlighted preferential policies available for senior citizens in the city, which were launched by the Ordos government in 2005.

There are now a total of 260,000 people who are over 60 years old in Ordos; people who are between 75 and 79 number 32,974; with people who are between 80 and 99 totaling 36,213; and people who are above 100 amounting to 35.

Preferential services for those aged 60 and above are listed as follows:

1.They can visit scenic sites, libraries, museums and parks in Ordos, and take part in various activities in the city’s senior citizen centers for free.

2.They can visit pay toilets in urban areas for free.

3.They can enjoy some free services at legal firms and notary offices.

4.They can be exempted from registration fees at hospitals in downtown areas, and have priority for registration and treatment.

5.They can take buses for free.

6.The Ordos government will offer 600 yuan ($92.45) in subsides to senior citizens aged above 100, 150 yuan to those who are between 80 and 99, and 100 yuan to those who are between 75 and 79 per month.

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